Meditation in martial arts is a deep and profound aspect of training kungfu. Bagua Zhang originates from Taoist Magic and therefore utilizes many principles from Taoist Magic and energy work. Much of this is training to connect with the energy of the environment and drawing power from that connection. Other aspects are self cultivation of your own energy source, compressing this energy and allowing it to permeate your body.

honoring ancestors

An often overlooked aspect of chinese kungfu is the proper honoring of your kungfu instructors, their instructors - the complete kungfu lineage up to the founder (and even beyond). In some circles, it is believed that proper honoring of your ancestor will help keep the bond between you and your lineage and that they will be able to influence your training in the afterlife - move over ObiWan Kenobi....

Note from Dave: This website and my school is one of the methods of honoring Yang Guotai for caring enough to invest his time with me. I strive to honor him by continuing my training (and only training the bagua he taught me) and investing the skillset he passed on to me into my own students.