Bagua membership

Martial arts membership is open to all – however, we do have rental fees, equipment purchase and maintenance expenses and do ask that all who participate in our program assist us with these costs. Currently our monthly fees for bagua self defense classes are $130.
While paid dues allows a member in our classes, it does not ‘entitle’ them – any violations of our safety policies or just a poor or overly aggressive attittude will result in a pro-rated refund of dues paid and a polite request to look elsewhere for instruction. 

We reserve the right to refuse membership for any reason



kungfu Uniforms

To attend a regular bagua class, we ask that all students wear a white Judo Jacket (not a non-bleached) and black kung fu pants – bell bottom or cuffed are fine. Indoor shoes will be worn, flat soled with no black rubber. While this is not a traditional ‘kung fu uniform’ (in fact many schools wear no uniforms at all) we find it conducive to practising many of the techniques in Cheng Shi Bagua Zhang. All students, unless recognized as a certified black belt in Cheng Style Bagua Zhang are required to wear a proper fitting white belt – only certified black belts may wear a black belt.

trying before joining

Any potential student is welcome to attend a class before joining -the instructor will determine whether the visitor is physically capable and has proper attire to participate in the current training session.

Students with prior experience

While we respect that while many of our members have a variety of experiences in other styles of martial arts, unless you are a recognized certified instructor in our school you will be required to wear a white belt like everyone else. Only certified instructors in our style of Cheng Shi Bagua Zhang are permitted to wear a black belt during class. Please refrain from making comparisons during class (ie: "at our school we do it different than this") - while it may be interesting it is not only improper respect it is distracting from the training. We do welcome these sorts of discussions before and after class though, and often look forward to lengthy comparisons and exchanges of ideas/principles.